Large loss claims are complex and have many variables. Response must be a concerted and coordinated effort amongst many parties. Compass Construction has, without question, some of the most experienced and qualified large loss specialists in the industry, capable of handling any claim from emergencies to complete restoration.


Speciality loss claims can be large or smaller but are unusual for a variety of reasons; cause of the loss, the nature of the business affected (medical, or other essential service), the residential displacement of a multi-unit dwelling, and the list goes on. Regardless of the reason why, speciality loss responses are complicated, and require an experienced multi-divergent response team. The staff at Compass Construction have a proven track record of handling the most difficult claims with demonstrated positive results. 


Compass Construction, along with its building partners, can work with you to make dreams of a custom-built home come to fruition.  From planning to move-in, the expert staff can coordinate every aspect.  And, for those looking to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability, Compass Construction offers Net Zero builds as well.

Fire & Smoke Damage

You’ve had a fire now what?  Heat, smoke, soot, fire extinguisher dust and water used to fight the fire, all have significant and different impacts on structures and property. It is imperative to have a response that is fast and effective to mitigate damage. At the same time, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that a fire affects more than a structure – personal belongings and sentimental items are also affected.   At Compass Construction, we have the experience, training, credentials, equipment, and empathy to deal with any residential or commercial fire related situation on a 24/7/365 basis. 

Water Damage

Although the most common cause of water damage, results from a burst pipe, there are several other sources that may be responsible for water damage/flooding. It is important to have professionals that can identify whether or not the source contains bacteria that can be a health risk, and the safest and quickest way to proceed with remediation and drying. Regardless of the source, mould growth is always a risk if effective drying does not occur as quickly as possible.  Compass Construction has the knowledge, certifications and equipment to address water damage claims quickly and appropriately. In fact, after several years of training, Compass Construction’s CEO is one of a very select few in Canada that holds the designations of Master Water Restorer and Water Loss Specialist. 

Moisture mapping

Once water infiltration has occurred, it is imperative that all areas of infiltration be confirmed and addressed.  Using the latest metering options and infrared technology, a visual representation of all wet areas is developed to ensure drying is appropriate and includes all affected areas. 

Water Extraction

At Compass Construction, our credentialed technicians use the most efficacious resources and equipment to quickly extract water, regardless of the source or quantity of water.  

Structural drying

In order to mitigate damage and prevent mould growth, it is imperative that structural drying be initiated quickly, using the most effective equipment to identify areas of infiltration and drying efficacy.  With the most advanced equipment, highly qualified and experienced technicians, Compass Construction can ensure the very best results.

Microbial Remediation

Microbial contamination can be found in mould and sewage. It is imperative that remediation be done with the utmost care given to the health and safety of a building’s occupants and the technicians that will complete the remediation. There are very rigid protocols for completing microbial remediation hence very specific training and certification is required to complete this work, which the technicians at Compass Construction are required to hold.

Asbestos Abatement

Prior to the construction industry having an understanding of the inherent risks posed by asbestos, it was a common product used as a fire preventative and structural fortifier in many residential and commercial materials (especially between 1960-1990).  When released into the air, asbestos can have a significant negative effect on the respiratory system.  Removal of asbestos requires that specific protocols be followed.  In order to ensure that the safety of occupants and technicians is protected, Compass Construction technicians are trained, certified and insured specifically for this work.


Regardless of whether someone has had a fire, a flood or any other insurance related loss, Compass Construction wants to make a difference. We know that response time, professionalism, technologies, empathy, and workmanship all impact our customer’s view of our ability to provide the best possible service and we want to be the best!